NewBeeDrone Roach Clip For Brushed Cockroach Frames

NewBeeDrone Roach Clip For Brushed Cockroach Frames


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Make your super durable cockroach frame fly even better, and stand up to even more abuse with our carbon fiber roach clip!

The carbon fiber brace slips easily over the ends of the motors, with a notched out section for your motor wires to go through without pinching them, and sits flat against the battery tray. Our brace is unique from other braces because of the layout which sites directly over the top of the battery tray, not only protecting the tray itself, but having a extra surface to sit against which helps reduce flexing of the brace itself.

Not only is our brace super strong for its size, but its also one of the lightest braces on the market, coming in at a mere 0.54 grams, you won't even notice the added weight, but you will notice the added benefits in crashes and aggressive turns and freestyle moves. Features: Weighs only 0.54g Braces battery tray Motor wire cut out

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