NewBeeDrone BeeLink USB Flasher

NewBeeDrone BeeLink USB Flasher


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Easily program your Hummingbird Flight Controller with this USB programmer. Simple plug-n-play operation allows you to update the firmware on your flight controller, or re-program it to work with different receiver protocols.

To use this USB programmer you will need the STM32 ST-LINK Utility program and a windows computer. You can download the program HERE. Your computer may need to install drivers to reconize the BeeLink which can be downloaded HERE.

The newest firmware updates for the Hummingbird can be found here!


  • BeeLink USB Flash
  • JST Harness Cable


1. Plug in your BeeLink USB Flasher, connect it to your Hummingbird FC, and open the ST-LINK Utility and use the following settings by going to 'Target' from the top drop down menu and selecting 'Settings...'
2. Select 'Target' on the top drop down menu and choose 'Erase Chip' (If your get a connection error message, try-re-plugging in the USB Flasher)
3. Select 'OK' in the prompt window and your board's memory will be erased and then ready to flash a new hex file to.
4. Select 'Target' on the top drop down menu and choose 'Program..."
5. Select 'Browse' to choose the Hex file you wish to flash, after you have choose it click 'Start' and your board will start to flash the new hex file.
6. You will see a green progress bar move to the right and when it is completed the window should disappear and your flash is complete. At this point you can unplug the BeeLink from your Hummingbird FC and fly. Make sure your AUX channels are set up on your radio though!

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